All the members of our iHeart Cafe team are given dignity and respect. We do this in simple and practical ways.

First we helped everyone who worked at iHeart to get the proper id proof to open up their own bank account. Employees are paid directly to their bank accounts on the 1st of every month. We believe that on payday that money is no longer ours it is our employees and so why should they have to ask for what is theirs? The cafe also provides Provident Fund and Insurance to the employees. Everyone on the staff has scheduled work hours and a scheduled day off every week. We expect 100% effort from our staff during work hours, and they have the peace of mind knowing that their off hours are 100% their own. These two simple actions, receiving earned money consistently into their bank account and a set schedule, has allowed our team members the security to plan their lives ahead practically and financially.

iHeart Cafe also employs part time students from the local colleges. We work with their schedules and involve them in the operations of cafe.

schedules and involve them in the operations of cafe.

iHeart Cafe acts as friends of the Himalayan Hope Children’s Home. This home looks after 12 children who were orphaned, abandoned or at risk. The goal of this home is to provide the children with a quality education and a strong, positive character. iHeart Cafe helps them through acts of friendship that include sponsorship, advocacy and play. We believe in their effort and want to help take up their goals as our own.

Giving respect to people is important, but so is giving respect to the earth. iHeart continues to intentionally minimize their impact upon the earth. For us this begins with the most basic responsibility of trash disposal.

All of our trash from the cafe is separated into one of four different categories: food waste, compost, recycle, and local trash service. Each category is processed differently. The food waste along with our organic material is composted, recyclables are given to the kabhari, and the rest we dispose of the local trash service. We are proud to say that since our inception we can account for all the material that our cafe has consumed.

After limiting a negative impact on the environment we are now able to move ahead to create a positive impact through our roadside beautification, gardening, and sourcing local products. Our goal is to leave Kumaon more beautiful then the way that we found it.

iHeart wants to be a connection point for the community. Monthly, on the first Saturday of the month, we sponsor an open mic night where local artist can come and show off their talent or express themselves.

We are proud to partner with other positive endeavors throughout India. This year we sponsored free coffees at the Himalayan Echoes Literary Festival at Abbotsford in Nainital. We also open up our cafe as a venue to Strabo Pixel Club, a worldwide bird watching club. Financially we have helped to sponsor events at Kumaon University, Birla Instituted of Technology, and Graphic Era University.

Our hope is that our involvement in the local community will continue to grow and that together with our neighbors and friends we will make Kumaon a more beautiful and peacful place to live.