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iHeart Bakery is our newest addition to the cafe’s activities. We are always trying to improve on our quality, our service and the variety of our products. With the addition of our new baking facility, we are able to improve on all three areas. Now, through our website www.iheartcafeindia.com or a phone call +91 96345-51303 you are able to order any of your favorite iHeart cakes, muffins or desserts whenever you want. Our new space has also allowed us to add some great additions that include: fresh breads, rolls, cakes and cookies. After ordering, our team will prepare and bake your order fresh and then coordinate with you on the pick up time at iHeart Cafe. Customers can order and pay online and have their baked goods ready for pick up at the cafe the following day.


सुबह का नाश्ता

We only use natural ingredients. At our bakery, don’t add and preservatives or chemicals, in order, to provide you with a premium quality loaf of bread that tastes great and satisfies your craving. We bake every item fresh. Our team will coordinated with you on the time that your products will be available for pick up so that you will also receive the freshest bread possible.

Cakes & Desserts

मिठाई और पेस्ट्री

Using better ingredients is just part of the reason that all of our cakes, pies, cookies and muffins taste so great. Calculated recipes that are consistently measured, mixed and baked with professional equipment ensure that with every bite you get the quality and taste that you want each and every time that you order.